Purchasing Guide: Getting Started

Each image is available in a wide variety of dimensions. As well, each image can be purchased as a variety of products; such as photo prints, wrapped canvases, even puzzles. For instance, any given image may be purchased as a 4" X 6" photo print, a 24" X 30" canvas, or anything in between. Certain images are available in specialty dimensions. For example, a panoramic photograph of a mountain range or skyline can be purchased as a 5" X 30" canvas print.


Purchasing Products

When viewing a photograph that you would like to purchase, there are two options for placing an order.

Option 1: When viewing the image in Thumbnail Mode there is a link directly above the image that reads Buy. Hover your mouse cursor above that link, and when the dropdown menu appears, choose Select Product.

Thumbnail View


Option 2: If you are viewing an image in Thumbnail Mode and you click on it, it will be blown-up and opened in a new mode which we call Dim The Lights. Try it. You will see the image brought off the screen and away from the distractions of Thumbnail Mode. When viewing an image in Dim The Lights, you can hover your mouse above the Buy link and choose Select Product from the dropdown menu.

Dim-The-Lights View

Selecting Product Type

Both of these options will bring you to the Store. In store view, you can select the type of product you wish to purchase from the menu on the left hand side. You will find regular photo prints and their various sizes under the menu item Prints. Other, more dramatic products such as canvas wraps are found under the menu item Showcase. Browsing this store menu along the left side will give you a good idea of the various forms in which images are available. A favorite way to browse products is by selecting the top menu item, All Products. It offers a less cluttered overview of the different products available. Try that.

Select Your Product

Selecting Size

Selecting any product type will display it's list of available dimensions as well as their prices. Generally, the cost will increase with size, however keep in mind that at any time there are a number of items featured at discounted prices. Currently, the Featured Items are:

#1: The 8" X 10" Print ($24.00 CAD)

#2: The 16" X 20" Print ($40.00 CAD)

#3: The 20" X 20" Square Print ($76.00 CAD)

#4: The 12" X 24" Wide Print ($60.00 CAD)

Featured Items are alternated on a regular basis.

Once you have chosen your dimensions, left-click Select (on the right hand side). Adjust the number of copies you wish to order by using the quantity plus/minus buttons. Click Add to Cart.

Custom Details

Before you confirm your order, you may want to click Preview and Configure. Here you can select certain details which should be considered before purchase. For instance, would you prefer your canvas wrap to have mirrored sides, or would your rather have the image extended around the sides?

Preview & Configure

Other popular options include:

-Black & White or Sepia Conversion

-Framing & Mounting (Prints only)

-Custom Cropping

Each product has its own unique set of options available. For instance, all photo prints are available with a Protective Lustre Coating. All of these options and more that you may want can be addressed by opening Preview and Configure and then by looking through the menu along the left side. Once your product has been configured with your desired options, click either Continue Shopping or Checkout Now.


Now you are ready to checkout. The final step is to click Checkout Now, orCheckout Now With Paypal if you wish to use a Paypal Account for your purchase. Non-Paypal users can select Checkout Now. You may choose between Guest Checkout (recommended), or you can opt to register for a Zenfolio account to make future shopping quicker. Either way, the confirmation steps are to:

-Enter your personal information, including your shipping address.

-Select your shipping method & confirm.

-Enter any payment and/or credit card information.

-Review all entered information and confirm payment.

Place Order

Clicking Place Order on the confirmation page will charge your credit card or paypal account for the amount shown.

Your order should arrive at your door or local post-office within a few days. Please feel free to contact Tanner J. Wiberg Photography for any comments, questions or feedback. Thank you for your interest in Tanner J. Wiberg Photography.