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Calm water and no crowds meant a lot of great whale watching and close encounters with transient orcas and five different humpbacks.

Today's highlight was the spectacle put on by a pod of transient killer whales passing Clover Point and the Dallas Road waterfront. Breaching, lob-tailing and rare hunting behaviours were all observed.

Sea King had a front-row seat and a prime viewing position for wildlife photography.
Sea King GuestFemale TransientOrca Hunting Sequence 1Orca Hunting Sequence 2Orca Hunting Sequence 3Orca Hunting Sequence 4Orca Hunting Sequence 2Orca Hunting Sequence 2Orca Hunting Sequence 2Transients at Clover PointLobtail Attracts CrowdClover Point BreachBreach at Dallas RoadBreach DemonstrationBreach DemonstrationBreach Demonstration 2Breach Demonstration 2Humpback and Olympic MountainsHumpback DiveMist Tower