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What's New? - May 12, 2016

  • Two Grizzly cubs were spotted from the side of Alberta’s Coal Camp Road Southwest of Sundre, Alberta. Four images added to Other Wildlife.

  • One new image of an Eagle photographed against the cliffs at Point Campground added to the Bald Eagles gallery.

  • Captive animals Gallery eliminated from website.

What's New? - June 29, 2015
  • A 7 day road trip through Yellowstone National Park provides 12 new photos to Other Wildlife, including Grey Wolf, Grizzly Bear and bear cub photos as well as a new image to the Bald Eagles gallery.

What's New? - July 13, 2014
  • Two and a half years after moving away from the West Coast, my first update since then comes after a 2 week trip to Vancouver, Vancouver Island and Pender Island.

  • TJW Photo's first grizzly bear images have been added to Other Wildlife in this update. Also, new photos have been added to both the Whales and the Bald Eagles galleries.

  • Website layout has been revised and streamlined.
Two Grizzly Cubs 1Two Grizzly Cubs 2Two Grizzly Cubs 3Two Grizzly Cubs 4Upper Kananaskis Lake Bald EagleBighorns GrazingBull ElkWolf on HillsideBlack Bears RestingCinnamon CubCinnamon Cub PerchedBlack Bear Sow with CubGrizzly Mother, 2 CubsMother Grizzly StandsGrizzly Hillside 1Grizzly Hillside 2Grey OwlSlough Creek EagleOrcas near San Juan Island 1Orcas Near San Juan Island 2